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Compass in Scotland chefs shine at Salon Culinaire 2014

The heat was on for over 100 Compass in Scotland chefs at New College Lanarkshire on Friday 23 May, as they showcased their culinary skills at the company’s bi-annual Salon Culinaire.

Compass Group news team
Wednesday 04 June 2014

salon culinaire


The one-day event took place on the Motherwell Campus, using the college’s state of the art professional kitchens and hospitality facilities. 

During the Salon Culinaire, competitors battled it out for prestigious Chef of the Year awards. Craig Nellis (ESS) was crowned Senior Chef of the Year while Steward Stalker (ESS Offshore) won Junior Chef of the Year*. Both have won a week long scholarship at Michel Roux’s restaurant Roux at Parliament Square in London. In the ‘Know Your Food’ category – which recognises the ability to create amazing food that reflects Compass’ commitments to health, wellbeing and sustainable sourcing – Gordon McKenzie (ESS Offshore) triumphed and there were also a variety of live cooking and cold display challenges during the day.

Budding chefs from New College Lanarkshire Motherwell and Cumbernauld campuses and South Lanarkshire Colleges also took part in their own cooking competitions, showcasing the talents and skills they have been learning on their courses. Winners will get to enjoy a one-day masterclass on molecular gastronomy with Jeremy Medley from Infusions 4 Chefs.

Key suppliers of Compass in Scotland also attended the event, showcasing a range of the latest hospitality products whilst renowned chefs such as Jeremy Medley and Jim Mullen carried out demonstrations on product development and innovation. The Healthy Living Scotland team joined Compass nutritionists in providing health awareness sessions to the guests and college students. 

The event was a great opportunity for operational teams, key clients, students and food enthusiasts to speak with industry renowned chefs and key Scottish suppliers.

Dennis Hogan, Managing Director for Compass Group UK & Ireland said; “The high culinary standards, particularly from our young chefs, levels of professionalism and the enthusiasm shown by both our Compass chefs and college students alike means that the future is bright for both Compass, and the hospitality industry, in Scotland.”


 *A full list of Compass Scotland Salon Culinaire winners can be found in the Notes to Editors. 

For more information:

Tara Carroll, Compass Group UK & Ireland 

Tel: 01895 554210 / 077 9856 6405

Email: tara.carroll@compass-group.co.uk

Notes to Editors:

The Compass Scotland Salon Culinaire 2014 winners are as follows:

Compass Scottish Senior Chef of the Year

1st Silver – Craig Nellis, ESS Defence

2nd Merit – David Low, ESS Offshore

3rd Merit – Gordon McKenzie, ESS Offshore

Know Your Food – Gordon McKenzie, ESS Offshore 

Compass Scottish Junior Chef of the Year

1st Gold – Stewart Stalker, ESS Offshore 

2nd Gold – Jamie Hanlon, ESS Defence

3rd Silver – Innis Linn, ESS Defence

Merit – Simon Mowatt, ESS Defence

Merit – Katrina Haddon, ESS Defence

Know Your Food – Simon Mowatt, ESS Defence

Restaurant Plates Appetiser

1st Bronze – Craig Loughins, ESS Offshore

2nd Bronze – Lee Phillipson, ESS Defence

Restaurant Plates – Main Course

1st Silver – Matt Ash, ESS Offshore Executive Chef

2nd Silver – Gordon Mckenzie, ESS Offshore 

3rd Silver – Liam Geraghty, ESS Offshore

Bronze – Connol Campbel, ESS Offshore

Bronze – Robert Flannigan, ESS Offshore 

Restaurant Plates Dessert 

1st bronze – Stewart Stalker, ESS Offshore 

2nd Merit – Daniel Burns , ESS Defence

Bread & Brioche Display 

1st Gold – John Cumming, ESS Offshore 

2nd Gold – Ulia Mawson, ESS Offshore

3rd Gold – Eddie MacKay, ESS Offshore

Silver – Liam Geraghty, ESS Offshore

Silver – Connol Campbell, ESS Offshore

Silver – John Addison, ESS Offshore

Bronze – Stephen Benn, ESS Offshore

Bronze – Rachael Michie, ESS Offshore

Mystery Basket

1st Bronze – John Addison, ESS Offshore

2nd Bronze – George Kinghorn, ESS Defence

3rd Bronze – Daniel Lough, Chartwells

Bronze – Lee Phillipson, ESS Defence, 

Bronze – Ross Sturgeon, Chartwells

Bronze – Robert Flannigan, ESS Offshore 

Bronze – Kenny Rantsha, ESS Defence

Contemporary Dessert

Merit – Brian Tracey, ESS Offshore

Poultry Challenge (Open)

1st Silver – Gordon McKenzie, ESS Offshore

2nd Bronze – Sean Watt, ESS Defence

3rd Bronze – Andrew Donnell, ESS Defence

Poultry Challenge (College)

1st Gold – Scott Hill 

2nd Silver – Irene McHugh 

3rd Silver – Sarah Milne 

Bronze – John McKenzie

Bronze – Dana Jancikova

Bronze – Natalie McFarlane

Merit – Caroline Kay 

Merit – Elizabeth Convery

Pasta Challenge (College) 

1st Gold – John Struzik 

2nd Silver – Nicole Lamb 

3rd Bronze – Darren Walker 

Sustainable Fish (Open)

1st Bronze – Gareth Thomson, ESS Defence

2nd Merit – Craig Loughins, ESS Offshore

3rd Merit – Lora Sweeting, ESS Defence

Decorative Centre Piece (Open) 

1st Gold – Fiona Mackie, Eurest

2nd Gold – Stephen Benn, ESS Offshore

3rd Silver – Barry Fleming, ESS Defence

Decorative Centre Piece (College) 

1st Gold – Laura McNeill, 

2nd Gold – Kayleigh Turner

3rd Gold – Chloe Robertson 

Gold – Yolanda Banuls

Gold – Eilidh Boyle 

Gold – Laura McNeill

Gold – Kelsey Wotherspoon 

Silver – Robyn Aitkin

Silver – Eilidh Boyle

Silver – Chloe Robertson  

Silver – Caitlin McGarrity 

Silver – Kyle Edgecomb

Silver – Victoria Montgomery

Bronze – Danielle Park 

Bronze – Lorna Bryce 

Decorative Celebration Cake (Open)

1st Gold – Fiona Mackie, Eurest

2nd Gold – Jacqueline Harris, Chartwells

3rd Silver – Enna Nisbet, Eurest

Bronze – Kevin Souter, ESS Offshore

Bronze – Joyce Ross, ESS Defence

Decorative Celebration Cake (College) 

1st Gold – Chloe Robertson 

2nd Gold – Kayleigh Turner 

3rd Silver – Suzanne Mackie 

Silver – Leslie Collins 

Bronze – Umar Abdurrahman 

Bronze – Fiona Bruce 

Bronze – Toni Dunn 

Bronze – Robyn Lee

Bronze –Eilidh Boyle 

Bronze – Jenna Rendall 

Bronze – Shannon Coleman 

Bronze – Julie Ann Mullen 

Bronze – Pauline McAlinden 

Bronze – Alexandra Love 

Merit – Lorna Bryce

Merit – Hayley McAtasney

Merit – Dawn McMillan

Merit – Lorna Milne

Merit – Emma Reid 

Merit – Lauren Watson 

Merit – Suzanne White 

Merit – Grant Marshall 

Merit – Suzanne McElwee

Merit – Lauren Stillie 

Merit – Sarah McLernon

Merit – Dawn Crichton  

College Challenge (Restricted Students) 

1st Gold - New College Lanarkshire (Motherwell)

2nd Gold – South Lanarkshire College 

3rd Silver – New College Lanarkshire (Cumbernauld) 

HSE Award 

1st Merit – Giancarlo Angioll, New College Lanarkshire

Merit – Lee Phillipson, ESS Defence

Merit – Robert Flannigan, ESS Offshore 

Merit – Gordon McKenzie, ESS Offshore