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Key facts

Our communications team regularly updates all our key facts which are constantly changing in an organisation of our size.

Compass Group UK and Ireland

Turnover: £1.8 billion

Employees: More than 60,000

Client sites: 10,000

Board of directors:

Dennis Hogan: Managing Director, Compass Group UK & Ireland

Colin Bailey: Managing Director, Sport, Leisure & Hospitality

Andy Barry: Managing Director, Instore and Eurest Services Foodservice

Steve Cenci: Managing Director, Healthcare

Oliver Cock: Managing Director, Commercial

Steve Davies: Managing Director, Support Services

Paul Galvin: Finance Director

Chris Garside: Managing Director, ESS Support Services Worldwide

James Boyle: Managing Director, Restaurant Associates

Carol Hudson: Retention Director, Compass Group UK & Ireland

Audrey Foley: Managing Director, Compass Group Ireland

Caron Naylor: Managing Director of Business Excellence

Fiona Ryland: Human Resource Director