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Training the best

Young chefs with certificates

Training our chefs to ensure that we deliver the best in innovation and service is one of our top priorities.

Our training programmes, including chef development, apprenticeships and NVQs, far exceed any programmes provided by our competitors. All team members working in our kitchens are properly trained to deliver exceptional service and to consistently prepare each dish to the highest quality.

Our executive chefs and chefs forums provide support and coaching for local teams to ensure they are fully equipped to prepare dishes to the highest standard of both customer satisfaction and health and safety regulations.

Renowned industry-wide, many of our senior chefs also play active roles in well-known sector forums such as the Craft Guild of Chefs, Springboard and FutureChef, in addition to Compass's very own Junior Chefs' Academy.

Compass Junior Chefs' Academy

This is a unique training programme designed to attract and develop young talent into our sector. This is achieved through our sponsorship of Saturday morning cookery schools at colleges throughout the UK, many of which are in locations that have traditionally high levels of unemployment - or people leaving school at 16.

Since the Compass JCA programme began in 2003, approximately 3,000 teenagers have graduated nationally, including Scotland and Ireland. They have been given a good background on food hygiene and health and nutrition, while also gaining valuable life skills to enable them to consider a career in catering. According to feedback from schools, the programme improves the students overall behaviour, concentration and self-esteem when back in school.    

Springboard and FutureChef

Compass provides core funding for the Springboard charity as well as sponsorship for a calendar of activities that helps young people to access skills development and careers advice in the hospitality sector. This includes a national inter-schools cookery competition called FutureChef.

Based on a four-stage, nationwide competition, FutureChef is designed to help young people aged between 12 and 16 learn about food and how to cook. Currently in its ninth year of operation, the programme has given more than 34,000 students a taste of the culinary world. It provides a unique insight into the world of professional caterers as well as expert advice on the career options and entry routes available in the industry.