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Women in Food series: Erica Agyei, commis chef, Wimbledon

In this Women in Food series we take a look at Erica Agyei's journey as a chef

Compass Group news team
Tuesday 10 January 2017

Women in Food series: Erica Agyei

Women in Food series: Erica Agyei

Erica began working for Compass Group UK & Ireland three years ago and currently works as a commis chef at Wimbledon. Since starting her career, Erica has had the opportunity to showcase her culinary talent at a number of events and is already looking forward to the Championships next year.

Erica knew she wanted to become a chef from the age of seven after being inspired by one of her family members who worked as a pastry chef. From the age of 12, Erica started taking professional cooking lessons and this is when she began to realise her aspiration of becoming a commis chef. Erica went on to complete her culinary training at the South Thames College Merton and it was following her time here that she was able to kick-start her career at Wimbledon.

As part of her current role, Erica mainly works in the larder and pastry section of the kitchen. Throughout her time at Compass, Erica has been able to build her leadership skills by taking part in various events, including the Nestle Professional Toque d’Or competition, where she won a Silver medal. Erica felt the competition was incredibly helpful towards her becoming more confident as a chef.

On Women in Food:

“I believe the Women in Food scheme will encourage more women to enter this exciting industry. Currently, many women choose not to become a chef as they feel it may be exhausting and difficult to tie their career in with their personal life. It is important for more women to enter the food business as the ratio of male chefs to female chefs is significantly imbalanced and it would be great to see more gender equality in the kitchen.
The programme is a step in the right direction – and it’s great that Compass are flying the flag for women in our industry.”

On Compass Group UK & Ireland:

“I am extremely excited for the 2017 Wimbledon Championships during the summer and to work at such a prestigious event, is a dream come true. It’s an opportunity to showcase the great skill of the catering and hospitality teams and the food we create is of the highest quality. It’s brilliant to be able to learn from the culinary team here and create food that we’re truly proud of. .
I look forward to developing my role within Compass further, and I’m excited about what opportunities the future could hold for me in such an exciting and diverse business. I am proud to be a part of a company that is dedicated to the development of their people and is working towards helping women in the industry to close the gender imbalance.”