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About us


Trattoria Pizzeria is about simple Italian-inspired cooking.

The Trattoria Pizzeria brand was developed nearly ten years ago and operated externally for Compass. In May 2009 the management of the brand was brought back in-house. With this move, came a complete brand review and a commitment to support the growth through renewed dedication.

Our pizza is freshly baked in our ovens in front of our customers and served to them in less than four minutes. We specialise in pizza but our range also includes oven-baked Al Forno pasta dishes.

It is supported by a full range of marketing and merchandising material. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed, together with the financial returns you would expect from a market-leading brand.

Trattoria can be found in over 500 locations across the UK, from the workplace to schools, colleges and universities to hospitals and even leisure centres and zoos.

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