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About WorldMarché

Chef's theatre and chef preparing fresh food

WorldMarché is a unique cooking platform providing different offers throughout the day, fresh, customised food and theatre.

WorldMarché utilises various interchangeable pieces of equipment to create theatre within any restaurant environment. This flexible set-up helps to create new experiences and showcase different meals and exciting menus on a daily basis.

At breakfast time the griddle can be used to tempt customers with sizzling sausages and bacon, while at lunchtime it can be used to grill meats. Or it can function as a wok station to create fabulous stir fries right in front of your customer.

WorldMarché’s equipment brings a new dimension to cooking. The food is freshly cooked and even customised to suit any taste. This not only adds an element of entertainment, but also communicates the level of freshness and quality that is delivered through the station.

Customers have the choice of a traditional English breakfast, authentic Oriental dishes, classic Italian favourites or tempting American style diner meals… The range is endless. They can choose the ingredients, herbs and spices and our chefs cook them to perfection right in front of them. The menu is as imaginative as they are.

We offer a low cost investment and a new style of foodservice that can be customised for any operation. Whatever your customer needs and preferences, we can offer fresh food, theatre and innovation that will make your customers return time and time again.

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