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A+ for cleanliness and hygiene

Cleaner polishing floor

At WhiteOaks we are proud to work with an award-winning cleaning system that uses the latest technology and equipment to provide world-class cleaning.

The healthcare environment has exacting demands. A+ is our market-leading cleaning system that uses the latest technology and equipment to match those demands.

By applying cost-effective, productive technology, we've developed a cleaning system providing:

  • Advanced microfibre mops and cloths (disposable and laundered) that produce greater productivity and cost effectiveness
  • Standardised procedures and equipment
  • Mandatory, continuously updated training
  • Computerised monitoring and auditing
  • Portable ozone disinfection and sanitisation systems.

Fighting infection
Infection control has become increasingly important in the wider healthcare industry. Our a+ cleaning service ensures your facilities are spotless. They provide the best defence against infection and better assurance to patients, staff and visitors.

Just one example…
We introduced a+ cleaning into a district general hospital with 400 beds and 150,000 patient visits per annum with the following results:

  • The introduction of microfibre cleaning saved almost 270 hours per week
  • Input hours were reduced, representing an overall saving of 17% per annum.

These savings created opportunities to fund new services, offer a rebate to the Trust in year one, purchase new and replacement equipment, provide new staff uniforms and provide further investment into improvements in the patient environment.

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