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Pillar five: Community


As a leading business, we know that we have the potential to make a big difference.

Compass Group recognises the responsibilities we have in the communities that we work and live in. Through our various community projects we have helped thousands of people reach their potential through education, employment and social inclusion.


Did you know that one in three people are likely to get cancer at some point in their lives? And that today twice as many people survive cancer for at least 10 years compared to the 1970s? Since 2009, we have supported Cancer Research UK as our charity partner. During this time the fantastic people at the heart of our business have rallied to raise more than £1.3 million for the charity.


Our funds are helping drive the organisation’s vital work; a lab in Cancer Research UK’s world-class London Research Institute costs around £93,000 to run for a month, while a year-long programme of research into drugs to treat breast cancer needs £600,000 of funding. 

Alongside hundreds of events and fundraisers managed by our teams across our sites, our annual Compass Charity Ball embodies everything that we do, from exceptional food and service to overwhelming support for a cause that has affected every one of us in some way or another. The money raised at these events (over £300,000 so far) has funded the work of two Cambridge Research Institute PhD students for Cancer Research UK.

Nourishing the next generation

Our Chartwells Fun into Food programme, which includes food technology master classes, fitness and food sessions for primary pupils and live cookery theatre, shows children and young adults the joys of cooking and demonstrates the ease with which healthy and tasty meals can be prepared at home. The Fun into Food team deliver sessions to over 75,000 school children each year and the programme has now been exported to other Compass countries, such as South Africa, China and Belgium. So far, around 645,000 young people have had a taste of the programme and this number is growing every day!






Helping young people into decent careers

The Compass Junior Chefs’ Academy (JCA) projects promote healthy lifestyles, improve employment chances through skills

development and promote sustainability and diversity to young people aged 14-16 by teaching them basic cookery skills. These cookery courses run at colleges throughout the UK to attract and develop fresh talent into our industry and onto Compass Apprenticeships in our Compass Chefs’ Academy. Since the Compass JCA programme began in 2003, many graduates have chosen careers with the hospitality industry, with some even graduating from universities with Master’s degrees.