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Our culinary team

Allan Blackmore

Portrait of Alan Blackmore

Allan oversees the food services at many of the UK's prestigious sporting and cultural events including Wimbledon, Twickenham, The Oval and The Brit Awards.

View Allan's biography

Richard Bowden

Portrait of Richard Bowden

Richard was promoted to his current role at Compass group in 2007 after a rigorous and highly competitive selection process.

View Richard's biography

Jeremy Ford

Portrait of Jeremy Ford

Jeremy joined Roux Fine Dining, part of Restaurant Associates in1997. Truly passionate about food, Jeremy is often involved in activities to inspire and motivate other chefs.

View Jeremy's biography

Alan Baker-Green

Portrait of Alan Baker-Green

Alan's experience in service catering has been key in supporting the role out of a standard food offer within our military units throughout the country.

View Alan's biography

Nick Vadis

Portrait of Nick Vadis

As Executive Chef at British Airways, Nick played a pivotal role in the development of pre-flight dining, contributing to the creation of "Sleeper Service."

View Nick's biography

Andrew Walker

Portrait of Andrew Walker

Andrew is the executive chef for Compass's leading education specialist Chartwells. Flamboyant and theatrical, Andrew has a great gift for communicating his passion for food.

View Andrew's biography

Behind the Compass foodservice offer is the wealth of experience, knowledge and culinary skills of our executive chefs.