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Pillar one: Our people


It is no surprise that we are a people-centred business.  With 1 in every 500 working people in the UK proudly delivering food and service excellence at a Compass site, we are a major employer and an important entry point for developing a career in catering, hospitality and support services.  We look after our colleagues and they look after our clients, customers, users and guests.

Ensuring our People get Home Safely Every Day

Keeping our colleagues, clients and customers safe is our number one priority - Safety First in everything we do.  Working at 10,000 locations, in complex environments, brings many challenges and constraints, but we place the safety of our teams at the centre of what we do.  We ensure that all colleagues complete health and safety training as part of our award-winning One Compass Induction before stepping into a kitchen, cafe or office. 

All the senior leadership team are responsible for completing an annual programme of HSE activities, from audits to monthly team messages and on-site risk assessments.  For anyone in a management role, at least one objective is HSE-centred. All teams are supported by a dedicated HSE team of technical experts who are constantly raising performance through coaching, audits and on-site reviews. 

Helping Young People into Decent Careers

It is clear that we need the right people with the right skills in the right places.  We are a major recruiter and have established a wide range of entry points to fulfilling careers in Compass, from 16 year old school-leavers to university graduates.  For each one, we start with a rigorous, and fair selection process, and follow up with a thorough induction, ongoing training and development opportunities and regular performance reviews.  Once part of the Compass family, there is a comprehensive learning and development framework that allows all colleagues easy access to the training and skills that they need to do their job.  A blend of experiential, on the job training, online learning and face-to-face courses allow every technical, behavioural and leadership development need to be met. 


Compass Group has long championed the development of a sustainable approach to apprenticeships across our sector.  As an employer, we are the 10th largest provider of apprenticeships in the UK.  We regularly engage with various parts of the UK Government to urge a comprehensive multi-agency approach to deliver a skilled and diverse workforce for the future.  Our award-winning work with the East London Business Alliance highlights our work in helping those most disadvantaged best prepare for a career in catering and hospitality.

Our established chefs academy will soon be joined by a support services academy and both offer candidates the opportunity to establish a firm foundation for successful culinary and facilities management careers.  In the past three years, we have given apprenticeship opportunities to 3,500 colleagues.   

In addition to the above, we also provide training and apprenticeships for frontline colleagues in conjunction with Jigsaw Training. Click here to see our Appointment for Services.

Engagement and culture

Knowing what our people think about working for Compass and understanding how we can improve the business is vital.  We encourage everyone to take part in a regular people survey - in our most recent, 70% of colleagues told us what they were thinking.  Compared with our previous survey, we were very encouraged by the growing proportion of colleagues that now believe we offer great development opportunities, that Compass is a great place to work and that we are an organisation that acts with honesty and integrity.  We have since established listening panels so that we can understand more regularly what our teams think and what is important to them.   

Be A Star
Be a Star

We recognise the impact that our people have on the everyday lives of others through our Be A Star programme.  Driven by nominations - from colleagues, clients or customers - our sector businesses and central functions go through a review process every quarter to select the winners.  Winners are chosen from six categories - each of our five values, together with Health, Safety and Environment.  Once a year, we bring these winners together so they can share their experience and we can all celebrate their achievements.  

Equal opportunities

We have an ongoing commitment to promoting equal opportunities and expect all of our employees to be treated with respect and dignity. Our policy ensures that both current and potential employees are offered the same opportunity to do a job regardless of sex, race, colour, religion, nationality, ethnic origin, age, sexual orientation, marital status or disability.