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Primary schools and Local Authorities

Chartwells Primary

With our knowledge, expertise and passion for providing excellent services, we are the leading provider of primary school meals in the UK.

We provide catering services to over 1500 primary schools, including 13LEA contracts.

Each school meal is prepared fresh every day by a dedicated team of chefs and kitchen staff, and offers a healthy and tasty meal to support pupils’ development in school.

Every year, we serve a million meals from our innovative Steamplicity offer. This is a unique answer to schools which are challenged with small kitchen facilities. Steamplicity a unique hot meal service which steam cooks fresh food to perfection in minutes, locking in all the taste and all the vitality.

With the number of cases of childhood obesity continuing to increase, we recognise we have a responsibility to protect and improve the health and wellbeing of our customers. This is why we have a dedicated nutrition team to ensure all of our school meals meet government standards for healthy eating. We’re also dedicated to bringing healthy eating out of the dining room, bringing food to life with our Fun into Food education classes.

With add-on tools including the Meal Selector and Parent Pay, we are striving to make school meals as accessible as possible.