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Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability


Why this is important


With 60,000 colleagues delivering food and support services at 10,000 locations across the UK & Ireland, it is clear that Compass Group makes an impact. Engaging with our stakeholders is essential to improving the transparency of our business and to demonstrating that we are growing responsibly. Being a responsible business matters to us.

Our business starts and ends with our people. Whether they are providing lunch to primary school children, cleaning hospital wards, feeding hungry fans at a match, making lattes and espressos for hectic office workers or securing a city headquarters, they know that they work for a company that proudly lives its values – Passion, Teamwork, Integrity, Can-do and Responsibility. All colleagues have a responsibility to abide by our policies and procedures which have been developed to guide them and allow us to monitor the conduct of the day-to-day operations of the business.

Safety first logoOur people also know that we work to the highest ethical standards every day, whether that’s the food we source, the strong health and safety thread that runs throughout our business or the way we work with our 400 small and medium suppliers.  In turn, our teams serve millions of customers and clients to the highest standards – always with a smile and always looking to improve every day.

What do we stand for - Our five pillars

We established our Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability (CRS) framework in 2008.  The five pillars of this framework allow us to understand, manage and communicate the key issues that impact our business, our people and the environments in which we operate.  It also allows us to use a common and consistent approach in a business that is increasingly diverse.  For us, sustainable sourcing is no longer just about the food we buy – it is about our cleaning equipment, the furniture in our restaurants and the design of our fridges and ovens.  

Every day we focus our efforts on:
•    Running our business to the highest ethical standards
•    Supporting and developing all of our colleagues
•    Ensuring the health and wellbeing of our customers
•    Reducing our impact on the world in which we live
•    Making a positive contribution to the communities in which we live and work.

CRS Governance and Compass Group PLC

The Board of Compass Group PLC, our parent company, is fully engaged in delivering a holistic approach to corporate responsibility and has a sub-committee to oversee the implementation of a global strategy and regularly reviews key performance indicators and targets.
Within the UK & Ireland business, the Executive Committee is responsible for corporate responsibility and sustainability. Each of the directors is responsible for ensuring compliance with Compass Group's corporate values and standards and acting as ambassadors for them across our operations.

How we measure ourselves

View our activity report

Modern Slavery Act 2015

In line with the requirements of this Act, our Human Rights Policy, our Code of Business Conduct and our Code of Ethics, our policy in respect of slavery and human trafficking is to eliminate it both from our business and from our supply chain.  Read our Modern Slavery Act 2015 transparency statement by clicking here.

Read the Corporate Responsibility Report 2016.