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Sales assistant stocking shelf

ESS offers your employees access to everyday necessities with our professionally planned and clearly focused retail outlets.

In offshore locations, people need to have access to a range of retail goods such as snacks, pharmacy items, gifts and cards to meet their everyday needs.

Each of our retail outlets offers flexibility with size and range tailored to fit your business. We offer four different formats, each offering distinctive advantages:

Counter top
An ideal addition to existing food stations, these small stands offer snacks for impulse sales, and only need a minimum of 30 transactions a day.

Walk-in shop
Our largest retail format, the walk-in shop is open for at least eight hours a day and offers a wide range of convenience goods.

The compact design of the Express makes it particularly flexible.

Retail bays
Only needing up to four metres of space, our retail bays boost impulse sales of anything from chocolate bars to greeting cards.

Our promotions team is responsible for producing and rolling out our national promotions programme which reaches over 1,800 sites from all sectors across the UK.

Our monthly programme of promotions means that our offers are continuously refreshed to reflect customer buying habits. These promotions can help you to drive sales, increase your profit and encourage your customers to keep returning.

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