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Pillar two: Sustainable sourcing


Our focus on traceability and quality means we work closely with producers and growers to ensure we source the best ingredients from our trusted suppliers.

We champion British produce across our sites, promoting the use of fresh seasonal ingredients and supporting British farmers and producers.

As the UK’s leading foodservice provider, we have developed a set of sustainable sourcing commitments that outline our ongoing dedication to improving provenance, animal welfare and people welfare.

Our sourcing commitments are underpinned by our Know Your Food initiative, which is the platform we use to communicate health & wellbeing and sustainable sourcing.


One PLATFORM: Know Your Food

What is Know Your Food?

Know Your Food

In order to put health at the very heart of our business we launched Know Your Food - a programme to drive consumer education around our health, wellbeing and sustainable sourcing. In line with Compass’ Responsibility Deal pledges to the government, Know Your Food has been embedded across our business to inform consumers about healthy living and sustainable sourcing, as well as delivering core initiatives to clients and other stakeholders.

In October 2014 we launched our 2020 Health & Wellbeing Strategy which outlines a number of forward thinking pledges that demonstrate Compass’ dedication to help ‘feed change and fight obesity’. These pledges have been divided into three key areas - Healthier Food, Healthier Lives and Healthier Futures - and will see Compass further reduce calories, fat and salt from its food and drive increased consumption of fruit and vegetables.

Central to Know Your Food is providing customers with educational material on nutrition, so that they are able to make informed choices about what they want to eat. We display full nutritional labelling in the form of reference intakes (RI) and encourage healthier options through new product development - such as whole + sum, our 500 calorie lunch and breakfast concept - and reformulation. The development of specific promotions for our healthier meal options has also made these options more accessible and encouraged uptake.

The Food Information Regulations (FIR) are live within our business to ensure that you can request information about any of the 14 known allergens in our food. With the number of people with food allergies increasing by 5% every year, it’s really important that we’re able to provide this information to you.



As part of our sustainable sourcing policy we have three core priorities: provenance, animal welfare and people welfare.

Three priorities



Each of our three priorities is underpinned by a series of specific commitments.


1) Supporting UK & Ireland agriculture
We are proud to support our UK and Ireland agriculture through our Truly Local, regional and British sourcing activities. We ensure full traceability of our products so that customers know what is in our food and where it comes from.

Sourcing meat products: All processed beef products are of UK and Ireland origin and wherever possible we supply British meat and play our part to support the UK economy.

2) Location
We understand that clients and customers want to support their local communities, and we can help them through buying local produce. The scale and breadth of our business means we can tailor a solution to a client’s individual requirements at a geographical level, enabling them to source a range of excellent products from their region.

3) Sourcing the season’s best
Eat seasonably
We promote British produce across our thousands of sites, encouraging the use of fresh seasonal ingredients and supporting British farmers and producers. Through our Know Your Food programme we provide monthly information on seasonal produce to the millions of consumers that eat in our establishments. Endorsed by Eat Seasonably, our eye-catching leaflets give straightforward advice on how to create dishes using the in season produce.

Animal Welfare
Animal welfare

1) Maintaining high standards of animal welfare
We believe our livestock should have a decent quality of life which is why we will not buy products that do not adhere to the ‘Five Freedoms’ concept proposed by the Farm Animal Welfare Council (FAWC). This council focus on the protection of animals that are kept solely for the purposes of farming.

These five freedoms are: freedom from thirst, hunger and malnutrition; freedom from discomfort; freedom from pain, injury or disease; freedom from fear and distress; and freedom to display most normal patterns of behaviour.

2) Protecting our aquatic resources
We recognise our responsibility to help guard our seas from the immense pressure of over fishing and that is why Compass only buys fish that comes from well managed marine sources and does not use any fish on the Marine Conservation Society’s (MCS) Fish to Avoid List.

3) Quality standards
As one of our commitments, we only use eggs that are Lion Marked British. This mark certifies that they have been produced in accordance with a strict code of practice. The standards ensure all of the eggs we serve to customers are produced to exceptionally high levels of food safety and animal welfare.

People Welfare
People welfare 

1) Fairtrade
EATFAIR is our countertop retail range which is endorsed by the Fairtrade Foundation and was launched in February 2013.  For every item sold in the EATFAIR range, 5p is donated to EATFAIR to support growers and producers in developing countries. This helps them to achieve Fairtrade accreditation, and supports cooperatives and their communities by providing tools, savings groups and workshops to name a few. Currently EATFAIR are supporting the Gumutindo coffee cooperative in Uganda and has worked to support over 7,500 farmers during the past year.

2) Fairtrade bananas
We are committed to only buying Fairtrade bananas and this enables us to provide genuine and continuous support to third world farmers and their families.

3) Innovation
The idea works
We are committed to innovation which is why we launched our Idea Works! programme, inviting SMEs in the foodservice, hospitality and facilities management industry to come forward with cutting-edge products, solutions and applications.

This programme has been a huge success. It has encouraged entrepreneurs to showcase their exciting new concepts, and by working with these companies and individuals to help bring their products to market, we have kept Compass at the forefront of innovation in the food and support services industry.


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