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The benefits of using Steamplicity

Nurse and smiling old woman reading menu

Steamplicity uses nothing more than a refrigerator to store meals and microwave ovens to cook food to perfection.

Great-tasting food
The main benefit of Steamplicity is simple. The meals taste great. And the technology allows units to deliver quality food consistently.

Space saving
Steamplicity is particularly convenient in areas where no kitchen facilities are available or space is limited, freeing up huge amounts of space from large conventional kitchens.

Cost saving
The capital outlay for equipment is far lower than with conventional or cook-chill methods. Less energy is used in cooking and fewer people are needed to prepare meals, so more money can be spent on sourcing quality food for the plate.

Smarter, simpler, better
The secret lies in the packaging system and valve that are both exclusive to Compass Group. As the steam builds, the food cooks, locking in the flavour and goodness and delivering excellent results every time.

More nutritional goodness
We insist on using the freshest ingredients, including UK-grown vegetables when in season, sourced only from Compass Group’s approved suppliers.

Measurable benefits
Steamplicity offers a wide range of benefits over cook-chill methods:

Steamplicity space saving vs cook-chill                                     42%
Steamplicity power saving vs cook-chill                                     66%
Steamplicity equipment purchase saving vs cook-chill           81%

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