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Our food

Our menus have been carefully developed by our executive chefs and company dieticians - with input from NHS staff and patients.

Steamplicity provides nutritionally balanced à la carte menu choices for hot and cold meals. As these meals are cooked from raw ingredients, they provide excellent taste, texture and flavour. And because they can be cooked within minutes, they also offer meal time flexibility.

In blind taste tests, customers rated the Steamplicity cooked vegetables better than conventionally cooked vegetables for taste, colour, appearance, and texture - with a 30% preference for our vegetables.

Independent research undertaken by Leatherhead Food International proves Steamplicity maximises food’s nutritional benefits. The results showed that Steamplicity-cooked broccoli retained more than twice the vitamin C and almost double the folic acid compared to traditional catering and cook-chill operations.

Our sectors

We have a solution for your business...

Our sector forks

From fine dining with Restaurant Associates to specialist cleaning with Medirest, one of our brands has a solution for your business.